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Ayers NCSS electric acoustic (N-series, Cutaway, Spruce, Sapelli)

In September 2008 I got this beautiful sounding classical guitar as a present from my wife for our 25-year wedding anniversary. Hand made from Australia with a Spruce top and solid wood Sapelli back and sides. It has a Fishman Matrix Infinity piëzo pickup with controls accessible from the soundhole ("invisible"). I selected this guitar after I compared it with an Alhambra 5CWE, a Martin classical and a similar Ayers with a cedar top and found this NCSS acoustically to be the best sounding. The spruce top creates a warm tone, balanced across all octaves and the solid back and sides contribute to a high acoustic volume and great projection.


Sound samples

"Please" fragment recorded with SM-58 microphone
"Girl from Ipanema" recorded with SM-58 microphone

Ayers NCSS sample1 via SM-58 microphone
Ayers NCSS sample2 via Fishman Infinity pickup

Ayers NCSS
Ayers NCSS        
Ayers NCSS label      
Ayers internal label (serial number 230304)   Ayers NCSS Sapelli back