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Gibson ES-347 from 1990 (bought in December 2007 from Kaz Lux)

This ES-347 is an upgraded version of the ES-335 work horse. Gibson made these between 1978-1992 (see Gibson catalog 1983). In addition to the gold hardware and binding, it features a coiltap-switch which turns the humbuckers into single coil pickups (so I don't need to switch guitars so often during a gig). The ES-347 has a large array of sounds, great sustain thanks to the "Sustain Sisters" and has a very pleasant neck.

I bought this ES-347 from the famous Dutch singer/guitarist Kaz Lux (a.o. Brainbox with Jan Akkerman)


Sound sample

The ES-347 can produce 6 different sounds by combining the pickup switch and the coiltap switch. In this blues you hear six solo's played on consecutively the following combinations:
neck humbucker - neck coiltap - neck+bridge humbucker - neck+bridge coiltap - bridge humbucker - bridge coiltap.
In this slow blues you hear the fantastic sustain and 3 different pickup settings.
Please excuse me for the solo's, I'm not a blues guitarist.



Very playable maple neck and ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl position markers   Body with coiltap switch and pickup selector easily located together. Earlier models had the coiltap switch located on the lower horn, had a bigger distance between the bridge and the stop tail (which was spoiling part of the sustain as people said) and had Dirty Fingers pickups.    
Headstock with triple binding and crown peghead inlay   The stop tail has individual fine tuners    
Kaz Lux ownership statement (Dutch)   ES-347 back    
Serial number 92190415 (1990)        
the ES-347 live in Zierikzee