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Gibson L-12 from 1938 - serial number 95678

This is my favorite guitar. I own this one since 29 October 1986 and play it almost every week on stage. This guitar has been imported from the United States. It came with the (non-original) L-5 tailpiece and Grover Imperial tuners. The original tortoise pickguard was falling apart, so I had it replaced by a custom built with exactly the same shape. Since I had it repaired to make it playable, it is no collectors item anymore, but who cares? These guitars belong on stage, not in a museum.

The acoustic sound allows Eddie Lang"-soling, "Freddie Green"-comping, while my Barcus Berry pickup allows "Charlie Christian"-soloing. Best of both worlds.


Sound samples

"Eddie's Twister"-sample (tribute to Eddie Lang)
"Feeling my way"-sample (tribute to Eddie Lang)

Gibson L-12 archtop
Gibson L-12 archtop 1938   parallelagram mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays    
L-12 headstock with Gibson script logo (used pre-war)   close-up of the original finish (and non-original glued-on pickup)    
1932 L-12 introduction specs:
16" wide, trapeze tailpiece, single bound top, back, fingerboard, ornate rectangle-enclosed fingerboard inlays, single bound peghead, double-handled vase and curlicues peghead, gold plated parts, red mahogany sunburst finish.
1935 L-12 specs:
17" wide, X-braced top, triple bound top, peghead and pickguard, double-parallelagram fingerboard inlays, 7 piece diamond/star shaped peghead inlay, sunburst finish.
1937 L-12 specs:
flat plate tailpiece with cutouts.
1939 L-12 specs:
parallel top bracing.
1941 L-12 specs:
single bound peghead and pickguard, crown peghead inlay, sealed tuners, tulip tuner buttons.
1947 L-12p (Premier) specs:
rounded cutaway introduced on premier model. Premier model discontinued 1949.
L-12 Discontinued 1955.
L-5-tailpiece on L-12 (not original)        
L-12 live with left to right Robert Veen, Frank Roberscheuten, Menno Daams, Dan Barrett