Peter Kanters guitars (click picture for guitar detail page and sound samples)
Fender Jazz Bass Fender Jazz Bas
Guild X-500 Guild X-500
Yamaha AEX 1500 Yamaha AEX-1500
Eimers Antique Eimers Antique D-hole
Selmer Maccaferri style guitar
Yamaha Guitalele Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele

Ayers NCSS (N-series, Cutaway, Spruce, Sapelli)


Gibson ES-347


Fender Stratocaster Pearly Gates (USA)

Aria guitar banjo


Yamaha FG-412-12 12-string guitar

Gibson L-12 from 1938 - serial number 95678

Aria AC-8 Concert guitar (serial number 395)
This is my first guitar. I bought it in 1973 after I had 1 year of classical guitar lessons at the Music School. I still use it for writing arrangements.
Previously owned
Guitars that I traded in for a better one

Greg Bennett JZ-203

Ibanez 2365N Jazz Bass
Saga Gitane D-500

Saga Gitane D-500 serial no. 288
I sold this guitar in 2015 as my Eimers Antique had replaced it.

Morris W612S Western guitar
I bought this guitar in 1979 while playing in the Blue Rhythm Jugglers from Breda. After that I played it for several years in the JoJo Swingband until I bought my Gibson L-12. I traded this in when I bought the Saga Gitane.

Aria 2302 Jazz guitar - copy of the Gibson ES-175
(in January 2005 exchanged for the Greg Bennett L-5 copy; see above)

Framus S-355 Stratocaster (see Framus vintage site)
(sold this one when I bought my real Fender Strat - see above)