Ibanez Jazz Bass

Ibanez 2365N Jazz Bass Natural Finish

I bought this bass in 1976 in used state at Sol Musicstore in Breda to play in the dixieland band the Dutch Dixie Stompers. It replaced the Framus Stratocaster that I used earlier to play bass (!).

I played it till approx. 1978 and it was laying in my attic unused for almost 10 years. In 1986 I started to use it for the annual or bi-annual company Music Days, playing pop music in the company band. Later I used it when I needed a bass for a home recording. Only when I was creating this web site I found cheerful comments from other owners of these Ibanez basses. My bass does not have a serial number, which means acc to this site that it is from before 1975. In 2015 I sold this bass as the Fender Jazz Bass had replaced it.
The riff from “sir Duke” on Ibanez Jazz Bass