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Sound sample


Acoustic steelstring gypsy Eimers Antique-D custom Manoir de mes Reves
Troublant Bolero
Acoustic nylonstring Ayers NCSS

Girl from Ipanema
Sample via microphone (Shure SM-58)
Sample via Fishman Infinity

Acoustic nylonstring guitalele Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele The Entertainer (youtube)    
Acoustic archtop steelstring Gibson L-12 (1938) Eddie's Twister
Feeling my way
Solo in the Nearness of You with Nuages
Rhythm in the Song is Ended with Nuages
Acoustic steelstring gypsy Saga D-500 Nuages
Valse pour Yvonne
Acoustic 12-string Yamaha FG-412-12 Mr. Tambourine man    
Acoustic guitar banjo (6-string) Aria St. Thomas    
Acoustic-Electric archtop Guild X-500 All the things you are    
Acoustic-Electric archtop Yamaha AEX-1500 Ida, sweet as apple cider    
Acoustic-Electric archtop Greg Bennett La Salle JZ2 Laura
Solo in Sweet Lotus Blossom with B-Flat
Acoustic-Electric archtop thin-line Gibson ES-347 Blues (featuring 6 ES-347 sounds)
Slow blues (featuring ES-347 sustain, 3 sounds)
Solo in Maxwell Smart with B-Flat
Electric guitar Fender Stratocaster USA Crazy little thing called love (Brian May solo)
Sultans of Swing solo (inspired by Mark K.)
Solo in Spooky's day off with B-Flat
Electric bass Ibanez Jazz Bass Riff from Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)    
Electric guitar VOX VT30 amp Rock-in' Goes (own composition)